Help I'm Stuck

Have you tried all that you know as a Christian but still find yourself stuck in a cycle? You pray, fast, read the bible, make daily confessions, etc., but still find that you’re not moving forward to wholeness.  You feel terrible about losing your temper again. You hurt the ones you love again. You feel ashamed for committing that sin that you swore you would not do again. You know that God loves you but you can’t break out of depression and despair.

If any of this is you, you might be stuck in a cycle. Are you tired of being stuck in that cycle?

Join our bible studies on Thursday nights at 7:30 pm, at 760-1 Seaview Ave, Bridgeport CT, 06607. Learn why we get stuck in our lives and how we can break free from any cycle we are stuck in.

Like a driver needing help while being stuck in the mud, so we need a little help when we are stuck in a cycle we cannot break free from. You don’t have to remain stuck in that cycle. We can help. Through God’s love, word and power, we will walk you through a process of deliverance from any cycle you are stuck in.

Join US!

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