At Transforming Lives Church, we believe that a disciple must experience change in the following three areas: Our Heads, Our Hearts and Our Hands

our HEAD

We are FOLLOWING Christ
          “Follow me…”

In these two words, Jesus calls his disciples to make decision to follow him. Here, the decision making process is symbolized by our HEAD. This is where decisions are made and God wants us to make a decision to following Him. 

What does it mean to follow Jesus?
Following Jesus means that we recognize and accept who Jesus is as Lord, leader, and master of our lives.

We are being CHANGED by Christ
          “And I will MAKE you…”
These five words speak of Transformation. This tells us that discipleship involves Jesus molding our hearts to become more like his. This lets us know that a disciple of Jesus is changed by Jesus. Jesus changes us through the Holy Spirit who lives within the believer.
Paul tells us that God is transforming us from one degree of glory into another into this the image of Jesus Christ.

We are COMMITTED to the ministry of Jesus
              “…Fishers of men.”
The final three words in this verse indicate a response of action. Something that affects what we live for and do. If our acceptance of Jesus begins in the head and extends to the heart, it leads to a change in what we do with our hands.
In other words, a disciple of Jesus is saved for a purpose. This means that we join Jesus on his mission to love and reach a lost and hurting world.

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